Mother Mayhem Podcast Companion Guides

Find support on your narcissistic abuse recovery journey with these printable Mother Mayhem resources. Listen, learn, and pave your personalized path toward healing.


No More Solace Sipping: Overcoming Alcohol Dependence in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Episode 16

Designed to be a companion guide for Episode 16, this workbook offers a frame for addressing alcohol dependence while also trying to navigate narcissistic abuse recovery. Be sure to listen to the episode first and then come back to this guide as a resource.

This comprehensive (28 pages!!) guide offers a structured framework for recovery, complemented by a detailed description of 20 practical coping strategies that can help you on your path toward sobriety. This episode and this guide are not intended to replace the work a therapist or recovery program might offer you. Nobody became sober after listening to a single podcast episode but consider this conversation and guide as company on your path as you find your own way to a better relationship with yourself and with alcohol.

Slow & Steady Strategies for Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Episode 11

We’re building out your Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Toolkit with this guide. Equip yourself for healing. This toolkit is designed specifically for daughters of narcissistic mothers who are navigating the journey of narcissistic abuse recovery. I’m covering strategies like: self-validation, boundary setting, and self-acceptance, amongst others. Combined and slowly incorporated into your daily living (Remember you have to pace yourselves! We’re not conquering this in a day!) you’ll be able to regain control, find your voice, and heal from the impact of maternal child abuse. Download this toolkit for direction as you work to build a life of resilience, self-compassion, and recovery.

Needs Navigator | Boundary Blueprint

Episode 7

For daughters of narcissistic mothers, the process of understanding and expressing your needs can feel like a long and windy road. You might be unsure if you want to get on it because you don’t know where it will lead you or the changes it will ask you to make.

This Needs Navigator & Boundary Blueprint is designed to guide you through the process of recognizing, defining, and articulating your needs. This toolkit will help foster the clarity needed to establish and communicate your boundaries effectively. This is the work of narcissistic abuse recovery.  Your needs matter—uncover them, define your boundaries, and continue to work on your own recovery.

Grounding Techniques

Episode 5

These grounding techniques are designed to help you find stability and calm when experiencing emotional turmoil. You’ll find strategies that connect you to each of your senses, allowing you to reconnect with the present moment. Through sight, sound, touch, taste, and scent, these techniques provide an effective toolkit for managing moments of dysregulation.

Whether you’re struggling with overwhelming emotions or seeking to enhance mindfulness, grounding techniques can help you anchor yourself in the here and now. Help your trauma brain calm down by incorporating these practices into your daily routine. Don’t just use them when in crisis. Make them a habit so your brain is more likely to access them when you need it to. Reclaim a sense of control over your feelings so you can find clarity on what you need to do next.

From Self Doubt to Self Love

Episode 3

The key component of narcissistic abuse recovery work is to help you have a better relationship with yourself. These journal prompts span seven core components of self-nurturing: Self-Awareness (exploring Body, Mind, Soul, Experience), Self-Compassion, Self-Talk, Self-Reflection (including Goal Setting), Self-Acceptance, and Self-Protection.

Prepare to be more introspective. I’ll be working to help you cultivate self-compassion and understand yourself more as you work to change how you talk to yourself, consider yourself, and believe in yourself. You’re in a lifelong habit of considering your mother first. These questions are designed to break that habit get you to re-introduce yourself to yourself.

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