DaughtersNPD is a specialized telehealth private therapy practice serving Massachusetts.

Daughters raised by narcissistic mothers are used to getting lost in the shuffle, being invisible, and shapeshifting to make their mothers more comfortable.

Here, it’s finally all about you.

DaughtersNPD has been founded with the intention of offering Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers a soft place to land.

That being said, mothers don’t have a monopoly when it comes to inflicting abuse.

Fathers, partners, friends, and co-workers can also inflict narcissistic abuse. If you are a narcissistic abuse survivor and have found comfort in the words and messages shared on this site, you very well may belong here, too. I invite you to reach out to see if I might be the right fit for you and your needs.

Insurance Coverage and Service Fees:

I am currently only licensed to practice therapy in Massachusetts.

I currently accept Aetna insurance, Point 32 (formerly Harvard Pilgrim), and United Behavioral Health.

Those seeking specialized care but who are not covered by these insurance companies, often choose a private pay option. In some cases, you can request reimbursement for seeing an out of network provider from your insurance company or your health savings account.

My private pay rate is $175/hour.

Latest Episode

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